Water removing sound

Fix My Speakers Now helps remove water from your phone’s speakers with sounds of specific frequencies. A proven way to clean moisture and dust from your iPhone or Android phone. No need to install an app.

What to do to remove water from your smartphone

  • Turn off the phone as soon as possible. Try to do so before serious damage occurs.
  • If your device gets into salt water, beer, coffee, or any other unclean liquid, you should wipe it off with a damp cloth. Salt water is sure to cause corrosion and, if not removed, will damage your phone.
  • Remove all removable parts. You need to remove the case, remove the memory card, SIM card and disconnect the battery if possible.
  • Wipe dry. It is best to use a lint-free cloth.

What you can’t do to remove water from your phone

  • Do not insert any objects into the charging port. Do not insert cotton swabs, cloths, or pieces of paper.
  • Do not press any buttons.
  • Do not charge the phone. Not even with wireless charging.
  • Do not dry your device with a hair dryer or any other heat source.
  • Do not shake or bang your smartphone to clean it from water.

Use sounds from fixmyspeakersnow.com to eject water and dust from your speakers

Most modern smartphones are protected against water and dust particles. But as a result of natural wear and tear during use, this protection may weaken.

Therefore, it is worth using the Fix My Speakers Now app for your browser. It will play sounds sound to get water out of phone. Your phone will play sounds that literally eject out moisture and dirt.

Tested on most models: iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor and others.

Water removing sound